Friday, December 31, 2004

Ringing In 2005

Best wishes to all for the new year. Tonight, I'll be at Connolly's in Times Square, ringing it all in with my friends form the Black 47 Ireland tour. This will be my first ever Times Square NYE, and the Guinnes will surely flow like the Mighty Mississippi. See you in '05.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mind-Numbing Tragedy

That's all I can really say about the tsunami in the Pacific. Reports are out that the death toll is now over 100,000. I just can't even conceive of something like that. You read all the history books about Pompeii and Krakatoa, but you can never really fathom that kind of devastation until it happens. Someone, maybe a reporter, said the word "biblical." While I'm loathe to encourage any kind of talk about this being a punishment for anyone, I can't say I disagree. There's a million people giving out numbers and websites and such for help in the relief effort. I'm sure you've seen them all, so I wont be redundant, but if you have the means at all, try to help. If you don't at least say a prayer, or (if you're not the praying kind) try to have some kind of psychic good thoughts for those affected.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Pierce Is The Man

Click here, scroll down a bit, and read Charles Pierce. It's worth it.
Happy Festivus, Everyone.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey Look Everyone! Another Phony Controversy!

As we all know by now, Drudge is up for any backstage scuttlebut, and he doesn't disappoint today. The unnamed source asks if they had this much fun with Robert Downey, Jr. and John Belushi's addictions. The answer is yes. I don't know what they said, if anything, about Chris Farley, but I do remember they specifically mentioned the other two in sketches. Of course, all this manufactured outrage is being expressed on behalf of a man who once referred to Kurt Cobain (only days after his suicide) as "A worthless shred of human debris."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So There ARE Rules?

Atrios linked to this little gem. Here's my favorite Rummy Rule:
"It is easier to get into something than to get out of it."
Truer words, Rumster. Truer words.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Not Just Another DJ Without Records

I never met David Brudnoy personally, but his figure loomed big in my former radio career. I was the late night executive producer at WRKO in Boston, and David was Boston's late night radio king. Every host I worked with in that time slot, and every program director I worked for, understood one thing: The best we're ever going to do is number 2 in the market. David owned the nights in Boston radio. And I never really minded that, because he was just so goddamn good at it. He was one of the last of a breed of talk hosts that actually TALKED to people, rather than proseletyze or preach or yell or curse them out (unlike some of the folks that I've worked with, quite frankly). The listening audience became a community, rather than a bloodthirsty mob, when he was on the air. He was interesting and interested at the same time, and more than once, I heard him start to reconsider his opinion (although he was VERY opinionated) due to a caller or one of his guests giving him a different perspective on an issue.
Ten years ago, David revealed that he had contracted AIDS, and was near death, but he fought back and reclaimed his radio crown. Last year, he almost died again due to cancer, but fought back and survived. Now, his cancer is back, and he's given up fighting and is preparing to leave this world. Last night, WBZ presented what they called his final broadcast, which was a prerecorded interview from his hospital bed at Mass. General. He says he could be days or hours away, and he's ready for it.
I'm not sure the rest of us are.

Friday, December 03, 2004

So Who Exactly Has The Free Media?

So, ABC affiliates refused to run "Saving Private Ryan" during Veterans Day due to percieved pressure from the FCC and whatever professional complainers are out there waiting for someone to do something they don't like, and the BBC is going to air a musical that has so many swears in it, it might make the producers of South Park cry. What the feck is going on here? I thought were supposed to be the most free and open society on the planet, where our media enjoyed unrivaled protections? Tell me you can't make the distinction between the artistic merits of a movie like SPR, and a musical about a tabloid talk show. Go ahead, I dare you.
And you know what the most truly outrageous thing about this is? David Soul is apparently not dead.

President Rupert Pupkin?

I guaran-goddamn-tee you, he's got this same setup in the private residence somewhere.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I Aint No Troll

So the lovely and talented Miss Margo suggests that I put my picture on my 'blog here. I actually used to have my headshot here, but I decided to take it down because I'll be getting new ones made soon, and I'm not all that crazy about the old one anymore. If you really want to see it, it's still here. Bear in mind, it was taken about 60 pounds ago. I'm even more devilishly handsome now.

Hello Jakey!

One of the cool by-products of my Ireland trip was the opening act for the tour, a band of proud Plastic Paddies from London called Neck. They're on a mini US tour this week (East Coast only), and coming to NYC tomorrow, and Boston on Saturday. Very cool band, and a fun bunch of folks to boot (In particular, their fiddler Marion, who was most generous with the Jamesons). I highly recomend their current US release, "Here's Mud in Yer Eye!" Word is they got a new cd out in Europe right now, and hopefully over here early next year. Download the samples from their webpage, and try to match my patented punk skank/stepdancing hybrid skilz! Ya heard me!