Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Sound of Our Town(s)

One of the really great things I've been able to do lately is go to more shows around Boston, Worcester, and Providence, and reconnect with old friends that are still around, and also meet and hang out with folks who weren't around during the Pleistocene Era, when I was in high school and college and going to shows.  There are a lot of great bands out there that came along after I'd stepped away, and a whole bunch of the bands from my days, and some from before that (hello, F.U.s!), are starting to play out again, for fun, nostalgia, or what have you.  It's definitely a good time to be around the New England punk scene.

And the last couple of months have been a boon, at least for me.  Street Dogs, Lenny Lashley, the Lyres, Classic Ruins, Toasters, Ska-Prest, the Snipes, Brunt of It, Frank Turner, The Locals, and many many more bands have blown through here.  And that's not even counting the shows I didn't hear about until it was too late (The Damned), or the shows I couldn't make because I was at another show (Bosstones, various shows at the Midway, PVD Social Club, Ralph's, the Middle East, etc.).  There have been just a plethora of shows and going's on around the area in general.  And I'm working my way back into it faster than I thought I would.

Of the shows I mentioned above, I can't think of a single one that was disappointing in the least.  And there are a ton of shows coming up that I am determined to get to, come hell or high water.  In the near future, I'm going to be devoting a fair amount of this space to promoting, and then reviewing, those shows, particularly the ones that feature local acts.  I want to give as much of a spotlight as I can to the huge amount of talent in this area, and hopefully do my small part to get folks out to see these bands that tear up the local clubs every week.

And things are starting to move a little more on my own front, musically, as well.  I now have at least three different projects going: My own solo stuff, some duo music with Jess, and an as-yet nebulous group of people looking to maybe do the band thing again.  Dates will be announced very soon for one or all of those things.  Actually, Jess and I will be appearing at the Galway Bay Pub in Pawtucket, Rhose Island on April 27th.  Hopefully there will be more people there that were at Leitrim's.  I think it should be fine, as the pub is right behind McCoy Stadium, the home of the Red Sox' top minor league affiliate.  I'd guess they get some good crowds during the baseball season.

I'm still going to write about mental health and other issues, as they still figure large in my life.  And there are some things going on in that arena that bear commenting on (*cough*nationwideAdderallshortage*cough*).  But I think expanding the range will make this a more enjoyable exercise, both for myself and others.  Hopefully, I can expose you to something new.  And hopefully, you can do the same for me.

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